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In 2020, backyard weddings boomed, because of the dreaded C-word, of course. However, even in the past few years, backyard weddings have become more and more popular as couples choose to skip the pricey venue and set up their own venue, right outside their door!

Ideas & Tips for Planning a Backyard Wedding

5 ways to protect your wedding guests from cover masks at weddings

I wrote up 5 ways to protect your wedding guests from COVID to help you keep your loved ones safe and healthy while still celebrating your marriage, with only slight alterations to the plans.

5 Ways to Protect your Wedding Guests from COVID

This was my first wedding during COVID-19, or just before it actually. The week leading up to Trudy and Zach’s wedding is when everything started really hitting in Missouri. The Monday after, Kansas City went into shelter-in-place.

COVID-19 Wedding at Family Home in Kansas City

20 quarantine date night ideas

It looks like we’ll all be confined to our houses for a bit. If you’re wondering how to keep the magic alive and avoid wanting to strangle each other during quarantine, here are 20 quarantine date ideas.

20 Quarantine Date Ideas