Burnt out from DIY-ing your way through your website?

you have bigger & Better things to spend your time on.
I'll take it from here.


As entrepreneurs, we have to wear all of the hats to make our business run and it can be overwhelming. Are you capable of doing it yourself? Absolutely. You started your own business, you can do anything! But why spend countless hours stressfully doing and re-doing a project when you can better spend your time getting customers in the door, converting sales, and/or spending quality time with loved ones? 
Let me take this off your plate.

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the busy bee

For Showit websites
General website maintenance
Keeping your website updated
Adding pages or canvases
Perfect for the busy entrepreneur

Time saver

Sprinkle of unique

Perfect for tight budgets

For Showit Websites
You found a template but don't have the time to build it
Provide the pieces and I'll put the puzzle together for you
No customization included

10-14 day turn-around (business days)

For Showit websites
Template build + customization
The template you bought doesn't cover all of your needs 
I will build your custom canvases

14-20 day turn-around (business days)

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Learn more

Learn more

No. 1

the busy bee

Your website has been built, but your business is ever-changing and continuously growing. You have even less time to keep up with your website than you did before, so let me handle that for you. 

You can hire me for $50/hour, which can be broken down depending on how much time is spent (ex. 15 minutes = $12.50). This is the best package for businesses who don't need a ton of work, but still need to keep the website updated and fresh. Also, a great option for businesses on a budget. 

This sounds like what i need!


No. 2

Time Saver

You've bought a template, maybe tried to put it all together but realized you just don't have the time to get it done. That's where I come in.

This package is strictly for filling out a template. Up to 5 pages. You provide the pieces to the puzzle and I will build the puzzle for you. This does not include any customization. Once the site is built, I will also walk you through how to make changes and how to use Showit so you're able to update things in the future. 

yes, please! Give me my time back!


No. 3

Sprinkle of Unique

If you feel like a template just won't cover all of your website needs, this is the package for you. To be clear, this is not a fully custom website. We will still use a template, but I will build new pages, new canvases, and make it fit your brand. 

This is perfect for the business owner who wants their site to stand out against the crowd. Differentiate yourself with a semi-custom website, that is much more affordable than a fully custom website. 

I want a unique website!


- the process -

let's chat

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Zoom meeting



the final product

We'll chat about your goals/vision for your website, what you need your website to do for you, other websites that inspire you, and what your business is all about.

By the end of our Zoom call, we will have established a clear plan for your website. You will send all of the content for the website and I will get started on building it!

We will remain in close contact for the building portion of the process. I may have questions or need additional content from you. 

Depending on your comfort level with Showit, we will have a final Zoom call walking you through how to use the back-end of the site so you're able to make future changes. 

- kind words -

She was incredible to work with, got the job done quickly and well! She listened and made sure I got exactly what I needed. I really appreciated her attention to detail and making sure everything was correct. She also helped with problem solving and overall made the process easy. Excited to work with her again and refer others to work with her.

Krystel Stacey - "She minds her own business"

Wow! Caitlyn was a refreshing joy to work with on my website. She was a fantastic communicator. She created a gorgeous site for my company. I could not be more pleased. This is some of the highest quality work I've seen. I would highly recommend her work.

Vicki Higgins - Connexion Partnerships

Caitlyn did an AMAZING job on our website! I was so impressed with her work! Anything that I wasn't sure of how to do - she was able to guide me through, like setting up the domain, purchasing a template, etc. She did everything quickly and I would highly recommend her! I'm so happy with how my website turned out!

Nicole Cecchi - Mike's Good Humor

The face behind cloud design co.

Hey, I'm Caitlyn. I am a full-time wedding photographer in Kansas City who found a second calling in website building. I constantly found myself looking for any excuse to rebuild my own website, and realized I just thoroughly enjoy this creative outlet. When the Corona Virus hit, I suddenly had a lot more time on my hands so I decided to dive into helping fellow entrepreneurs by relieving their stress with website building. 

When I'm not photographing weddings, editing, or building websites, I am chillin' at home with my pittie pups and my husband. Usually binging Friends, The Office, Parks & Rec, or New Girl for the millionth time. 

I'm excited that you're here and I can't wait to help you level up your website!

Thank you!

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